Nuway Capital
Innovative consultancy and ethical insight that disrupts markets

Portfolios, companies and impact: growth built on insight, innovation and purpose

Nuway Capital is an innovative form of consultancy pioneering an innovative path to growth.  

We guide individuals as they grow portfolios by democratising market access.

We help high potential companies to realise business potential as they transition to the next stage of growth.

We understand that growth must be informed by global purpose  and deliver positive global impact.

Individual opportunity: alternative approaches to portfolio growth

Nuway Capital takes an alternative approach to portfolio growth strategies, with in-house expertise and partnership networks that democratise access to markets.

  • GPU cloud computing: stratospheric demand for AI and other emerging technologies provides ownership opportunities for portfolio growth.

  • Public sector backed unit trusts: social benefits while delivering predictable and stable returns.

  • Gold: rocketing prices offer safe haven returns likely to exceed those of alternatives such as reserve currencies.

Company growth: the complete advisory platform

Nuway Capital understands business growth challenges. Headaches such as funding and the pivot to the next stage of development can seriously impede growth.

We offer a different approach.  Our partnership with high-net-worth individuals allows us to connect exciting businesses with alternative funding. At the same time, our in-house business expertise delivers strategic growth guidance — including marketing, GTM and networking strategies.  

It’s a unique growth engine model that supercharges new business development.

Global purpose: growth with positive impact

Nuway Capital believes that growth must benefit customers, communities and the planet.

GPUs: these technologies are more energy efficient than traditional CPUs — and our partner is committed to 100% renewable energy usage. Further, GPU-powered AI will have a significant impact on tackling climate change.

Public sector unit trusts: impact investment that supports social projects such as healthcare, education, social housing and infrastructure.

Gold: working in partnership, we ensure responsible and sustainable sourcing alongside mining community welfare - and always adhere to international standards.


Working with purpose for people and planet

Nuway Capital will set up the Nuway Foundation — to give back to people and the planet.

Beginning in the UK, the Foundation partners with organisations such as: Surfers Against Sewage (SAS); and young people’s creative arts social enterprise,  Be-Intrinsic.

Over time, the Foundation will look to engage more globally.